1. Is Sanox viva safe for everyone?
Pregnant women and individuals with chronic or acute medical conditions should check with your physician before using Sanox viva.

2. Is it safe for children?
Since there are some caffeine in green tea, less than those in soda anyway, this is about the only concern for those parents they do not want their small children to have. There are plenty of health benefits.

There should not be any safety concern.

3. Does Sanox viva need to be refrigerated?
No. Sanox viva is a concentrated drink powder that conveniently comes in 3.5 grams packets. Open the packet and mix in 500 cc of water.

4. Who should drink Sanox Viva?
Everyone who wants to improve their health, maintain a healthy weight, and ensure a longer, more robust life. Sanox viva is especially beneficial to athletes and individuals who want to maintain a healthy weight and those concerned about maintaining healthy blood sugar levels.

5. Where can I buy Sanox Viva?
Contact us. 
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