Welcome to Sanox Viva

Welcome to Sanox Viva - a delicious health drink packed with powerful antioxidants to enhance your health, energy, metabolism and weight management.

Only 7 calories per serving!

100% safe for individuals concerned about maintaining healthy blood sugar levels

Rich with a natural blackberry flavor, Sanox Viva is an easy and delicious way to supplement your diet with nature’s most potent antioxidants combination.

Green Tea Extract, Resveratrol, Pomegranate Extract and Vitamin C

Easy to take
We’ve created a highly nutritious, delicious drink that contains proven, cutting-edge nutrients that will support your health and your longevity. Just open a packet, mix in water and drink. Convenient to take anywhere---at work or while traveling, hiking, biking, etc.



Green Tea Extract, Catechins, Vitamin C, Pomegranate Extract, Ellagic Acid, Polygonum Extract, Resveratrol, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B12

Flavor: Natural Blackberry

Direction of Use:
3.5gm diluted in 100-125 times of water as directed.


  • Pregnant women and those with long term, chronic or acute medical conditions should consult your physician before consuming this product.
  • Colour, taste & texture may vary from batch to batch as the ingredients used are natural and contained no artificial coloring.

Avoid direct sunlight, keep in cool and dry place.